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Štúdio krásy, High Care Centrum - Jeruzalemská 33
Contact: Jeruzalemská 33, Trnava
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We are a center  focused on cosmetic facial treatments, whole-body health care and prevention. We offer our clients a comprehensive beauty services for the face, neck and chest, specialized body treatments, skin, health maintenance as well as advanced cosmetic products and nutritional supplements. The present concept of HIGH CARE CENTER closes the gap between plastic surgery and medical cosmetics and practical physiotherapy.


  • Good feeling, good physical and mental condition
  • Improve overall vitality, energy efficiency and increasing performance of body
  • Professional beauty services
  • Guaranteed results of the treatment procedures
  • Patented procedures and professional competence in the treatment of cellulite
  • Modeling and reinforcing of bust - help without operative intervention
  • Effective body shaping and fat removal
  • Active promotion of health, positive thinking and relaxation
  • Prevention of further health problems

We offer

High Care Center provides everything you need to obtain a nice figure, health, positive self-evaluation and a better life. A variety of services and procedures for attending comprehensive cosmetic care covers all parts of the face and body with the sole aim: the highest quality and satisfaction! ..

HIGH CARE CENTER – It is more than care, it is a lifestyle!